Australian-born mezzo soprano Edith Barlow enjoys a repertoire which ranges from Bach to Rossini, Gershwin and beyond. She trained and studied in London, and is currently based near Stockholm, Sweden.

As a high lyric mezzo soprano Edith draws upon strong familial musical traditions: Edith is of Irish and Maori descent, of the Ngapuhi iwi, or tribe. Listen to samples from Edith’s CD recorded at Opus3Records in Stockholm.

"An impressive, sensitive and passionate performer...thrilling and exquisite"
Dag Lundin | Music Critic | Eskilstuna-kuriren
"Edith Barlow sings with a big portion of dramatic salt. Like a personification of Chopin himself. With understanding for the songs' meaning and contents. Impressive, on top of all this, to sing in the original Polish language. Sometimes soft, sometimes with meat and blood and a devilish fervour."

Sven Bertilsson | Music Critic | Katrineholms Kuriren | July 26, 2010